Here’s the deal:

Many of the newsletters I’m reading are one person’s reporting on topics they find interesting. These can be engaging, critical, fascinating, and fun. But often they’re not approaching a topic with direct and meaningful experience. There are loads of enthusiasts, but not enough experts.

While I’m far from an expert, I’m an enthusiast with real experience bringing an insider’s view to the topics I love: food, drink, travel, style, and culture. I’m actively engaged in those mediums on a daily basis:

  • Restaurateur with three successful restaurants operating in Charleston, SC, and over two decades of experience in the restaurant business.

  • Founder of the beloved brand, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., over a decade old and producing best-in-class cocktail mixers, bar tools and accessories distributed internationally.

  • Co-Founder of two clothing businesses, E.M. Reitz and Teamwork, which I operate alongside my wife.

All that is to say: I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

My weekly dispatch of “A Small, Simple Thing” is delivered Monday morning (and sometimes Tuesday), highlighting:

  • food and drink recipes, with a particular emphasis on the type of stuff I like to cook, mix and make at our own home. I’m excited by easy techniques, small tricks, and little ways to make cooking and eating accessible, fun, healthy, and real.

  • occasional musings on style, interiors, travel, family, life, art, fitness, business, socks, culture, magazines, people, books, and whatever the hell else might be top of mind that week.

If you don’t dig it, you can always unsubscribe. But, you know - I think you’ll like it here.

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Brooks Reitz 

Restaurateur, entrepreneur, writer and home cook. A chronicle of my interests, discoveries, and current obsessions.